Churchill tanks – a crazy plan?

Someone during WW2 wondered whether it would be possible for Churchill tanks to be driven into an area while it was under bombardment from friendly artillery.   Sounds pretty crazy to me, but they tested it!


Churchill Tank Operations, April 1943

Hello internet, Welcome back to the blog.  It's been a long time since the last update! I have decided to try to write a book about the Archer, aka "17-Pounder SP Valentine".  I suppose that has distracted me from updating this. However, after a recent trip to the archives I remembered this interesting document discussing…

The Skink, part 2

These documents talk about the good performance of the Skink AA tank - used in an anti-infantry role - during WW2. If you want to keep the original images you might save them to disk - I may try to convert them to text.

Dummy tanks

Dummy tanks were used at various times in WW2 by the British and Germans, at least. Their purpose was to confuse the enemy as to the size and location of enemy forces. Probably the greatest use of dummy vehicles was Operation Fortitude, in which entire fake armies were "constructed" in Scotland and southeast England, in…

Porpoise ammunition sledges

I ran across these pages in the post-WW2 engineering devices book.  If you've been following my blog you might remember that the Royal Engineer Centaur tanks used some of these to drag extra ammunition.  Apparently other units used them as well.

Dieppe, 1942

This account by Ed Bennett of the Calgary Regiment comes from their coil-bound unofficial history which I happened to find for sale in the book room of the Canadian War Museum.  The 50/14 Veterans' Association produced this.  Mine is the second printing, April 1990. This is part one of Ed's account.  The second part talks…


I was amused to find this report on the TOG 1 and 2 in the archives.  The TOGs were heavy tank designs created by "The Old Gang" - men who had been behind the original tank designs in WW1.

A few more photos

Here are the remainder of the interesting photos I took yesterday. This Valentine at Camp Borden in Ontario has suffered a little fender damage. Lend-lease Valentine tanks (I'm unsure of the mark, but those elongated turrets make me think of British-built Mk IIIs) going into battle in Russia. 46 RTR Valentine tanks (identified through the…